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Specialty Wines (Fruit)

We feel the process we use in making our Fruit wines makes them unique and gives them the fruity, sweet flavor which is just right. Fruit Infused is a new spin on an old technique. Instead of using artificial flavors in our wine, we use all natural fruit sugars to infuse the flavor thus eliminating the need for more sugar and artificial flavors. By using this method, it gives our fruit wines, a more natural clean flavor.

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Almond Dessert Wine, great for baking



100% all natural blackberry wine



Sweet red wine with a blueberry finish


Chocolate Covered Cherry

Cherry with a chocolate finish


Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Strawberry with a chocolate finish



Sweet and fruity with a tart finish


Dark Cherry Wine

Sweet red wine with a rich cherry finish


Dutch Apple

100% pure apple wine


Dutch Apple Spice Wine

Apple wine with cinnamon and clove



Unique and intense flavor


Holiday Spice

Sweet red with cinnamon and clove



Current and raspberry blended


Orange Blossom

White Sangria with a hint of orange finish



Light, delicate and sweet


Plum Royale

Robust plum flavor



A natural berry taste



A Sweet red with a citrus flavor



Light and crisp with a strawberry flavor


Winter Pear

Light, ripe and sweet


Xtreme Elderberry

Tart and tangy


Specialty Wines (Ports)

Port wine is typically richer, sweeter, heavier, and possesses a higher alcohol content than unfortified wines. This is caused by the addition of distilled grape spirits to fortify the wine and halt fermentation before all the sugar is converted to alcohol and results in a wine that is usually 16 to 23% alcohol.

Flagship Red

Old school concord


Matt's Mash

Grape Ape's favorite medley


Peach Punch

Sweet Georgia peach flavor