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Our Food Menu

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A delicious spread of fresh cut classics: pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, smoked gouda, aged cheddar and provolone. Also includes olives, seedless grapes, and crackers
large (Feeds 6-8) 26
small (Feeds 2-4) 13

{gourmet cheese}

Hand made in small batches by the Pennsylvania Amish, these gourmet cheeses are rich and flavorful. Choice of wood smoked cheddar, garden pepper jack, minced garlic cheddar, sharp cheddar or mild cheddar. Sold by the block. Crackers included
whole (Feeds 3-4) 12
half (Feeds 1-2) 8

{dipping mustard}

Hand made in small batches by the Pennsylvania Amish, this generations old recipe has a mild horseradish flavor with a rounded sweetness. Makes for a great addition to our charcuterie boards or gourmet cheese. Includes pretzels for dipping.
4 oz jar (Feeds 2-4) 9

{bread boards}

A warm, homemade loaf of rustic bread served with roasted garlic & herb butter and honey cinnamon butter. *Olive oil included with whole loaf only.
whole (Feeds 4-6) 11
half (Feeds 2-3) 6

{baked brie}

A gooey, melty wheel of rich buttery cheese topped with fruit compote. Choose from our staple concord grape or ask us about our seasonal flavors. Served with crackers for dipping. *Prices may vary.
one size (Feeds 4) 12

{chips & dip}

Choice of either tortilla chips and salsa or pita chips and hummus.
large (Feeds 4-6) 6
small (Feeds 2-4) 4

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